Hi, my name is: Brad Seftel

I create and develop websites.

I Primarily focus on Frontend Web Development and specialize in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Currently persuing a Full Time Position.

Projects I'm proud of

Latest Projects


This project was designed to showcase the power of HTML and CSS together. It is a website for a Nature Tours company. Some of the aspects that I am most proud of are the menu system and the rotating cards that display the packages offered. There are other attractive aspects to the web site which you may explore here.

Technologies used include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SASS
Screenshot of wild side tours.

Local Business Website

Halsa Wellness

Established in 2023 by co-founders Matthew Caravan and Terri-Lynn Penney, I was asked to take over maintanance and development of the website. I used image dev tool GIMP and the WIX editor. Halsa

Technologies used include:

  • WIX
  • GIMP
  • CSS
Screenshot of Halsa Wellness Logo.

A Booking Application

Trillo Hotel Inc.

This project is an interface for a fictional booking application for travel. All in one place you can book a flight, hotel and car. Trillo

Technologies used include:

  • HTML
  • CSSgrid
  • Flexbox
Screenshot of the Trillo Project.

Contact Me

I am open to working as a full time Frontend Web Developer and helping local businesses develop their online presence.

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